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Aquscutum Jackets, scarf, shirts and any clothing from Aquascutum are items that we hold in very high regard regard due to its very high and exquisite quality.

Aquscutum is a luxury clothing manufacturer which was established in 1851 as a high quality menswear shop located on Regent Street in central London. The Brand is in particular known for its historical Aquascutum jackets and trench coats.

The founder John Emary was a famous taylor and entrepreneur and named the brand after producing the first waterproof wool.

The water proof wool was revolutionary at its time and was used to produce coats for officers in the crimean war (1854-1856).

Le Fix Clothing Copenhagen appreciates the history of Aquascutum, particularly the fact that the Aquascutum trench coasts were worn by soldiers of all ranks in both the 1st and 2nd world wars.

King Edward VII was the first royal client of Aquascutum embarking the beginning of a long loyal patronage from the British Royal Family towards the brand.

The niche brand has become synonymous with high quality and luxury, in particular due to its famous and historical Aquascutum Jackets.

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1 Item(s)

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