This all-American, Texan clothing brand has been around for over a century. Their high-quality workwear and footwear is not just for work anymore – the fashionable appeal of the flannel shirt extends far beyond the factory, studio or farm!

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9 Item(s)

Dickies Workwear | Shop Dickies Shorts, Trousers and Flannels at Le Fix

Dickies clothing is owned by the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing company. In 1918 they began in the vehicles and harnesses industry, but by 1920 they had ventured into the workwear niche. Their products are, and always have been, aimed at the hard worker who needs sturdy and reliable clothing. Clothing that won’t fall apart at the seams at the thought of a days hard work!

Dickies Shorts, T-Shirt and Trousers

Going to work doesn’t have to be a fashion nightmare, however. Dickies workwear is strong, sturdy and very well-made. From the iconic flannel shirt that’s been hugely popular over the last few decades with hipsters, goths and fashion-conscious individual alike, to the simple work t-shirt.

There clothes line featuring shorts and trousers are casual and flattering to your shape – whether you buy for men or women – yet sturdy and respectable enough for work.

Dickies now operate in countries all over the world, offering both workwear and streetwear lines. It’s not unusual to see the Le Fix team rocking some Dickies in the Le Fix office either!

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