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Gloverall Duffle Coats embodies the high level of class and fashion that is expected by British made Coats. Gloverall is one of the most well respected British brands due to the brand history. In the post-war years after the second world war a very large surplus of military coats were available at a reasonable price level. The mainstream public embraced the opportunity the coats become a popular and must have item of clothing in the 1950's and and 1960's, particular amongst a younger crowd. Gloverall embraced the unique proposition and purchased a huge part of the military surplus coats left from the second world war. In 1954 Gloverall began producing its own version of the Duffle coat which enjoyed huge success and resulted in the fabrication of the popular Gloverall Duffle Coats. The Gloverall Duffle Coats consist of Buffalo Horn Toggles and leather fastenings. Gloverall duffle coats has repelled the brand into being one of the most well respected British brands. It is particularly due to the ability of integrating military, industrial hertiage, modernity and tradition into the Gloverall Duffle Coats.
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