At Le Fix we always offer a huge selection of Lacoste caps, polos, sneakers, t-shirts and much more. Lacoste Sport Line and and Lacoste Shirts are items from Lacoste that fit perfectly with our passion for combining street wear and elegance. Lacoste is a French clothing company founded in 1933 selling high end clothing, perfumes, watches, eyewear, yet it most famously known for its Polos which can be found below

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The company is vividly recognized by its green crocodile logo. René Lacoste, the company's founder and a former tennis player, was nicknamed "the Crocodile" by his fans because of his tenacity on the court. The earliest Lacoste production was solely intended for Tennis players but then later expanded production fitting Golf players and professional sailors. In 1952 Lacoste t-shirts were exported to the American market and the brand quickly became a symbol of competent sports men. The brand continued its growth over the following decades, but it exploded in growth in 2005, due to the work of the french designer Christoph Lemaire who created a more modern and upscale look. Lacoste thereby enjoyed great success in reaching new segments with the modern and contemporary look. The new look embraced a very unique hybrid of high end clothing and casual street wear. Le Fix Copenhagen strives to deliberately hand pick Lacoste products which encapsulates, the fusion of Casual street wear and high end clothing. This is most notably encapsulated by Lacoste Sport Line.

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