FUZI UVTPK, one of Paris most legendary and notorious graffiti bombers and also the inventor of the “Ignorant Style”. Taking it from the streets to peoples skin in 2008, FUZI tattooed clients such as Scarlett Johansson, Diplo, Justice, Kavinsky and Os Gemeos, and has had events and exhibitions in London, Paris, Stockholm, New York, Moscow, Sydney, Taiwan and Los Angeles, among many other cities.

FUZI UVTPK (b. 1975 Paris) grew up in the Paris suburbs. For fifteen years the French artist dedicated himself with heart and soul to writing his name on trains. He is the creator of the Ignorant Style which is a naive style of painting that goes back to the New York graffiti scene of the seventies mixed with Russian prison tattoos. The Ignorant Style is a mix of the eternal human themes – violence, love, sex combined with his background of street life, graffiti and gang culture. But there is always a second degree in the designs, humour and irony is an important part of his style.

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