Ilari Hautamäki

Ilari Hautamäki (b.1983) is a Helsinki based visual artist. He holds a MfA from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts where he graduated in 2011. His debut solo exhibition was held in Korjaamo gallery, Helsinki in 2013.

Ilari Hautamäki approaches the often so serious field of abstract art with an easy going attitude. He begins his paintings with a fast and intuitive painting act, which follows a careful and planned process. This combination of planning and intuition leads to a static body of work, which sometimes appears in pure abstraction and, at times, as a representational picture. In his latest works rough and visible brush strokes and melting organic masses of paint overlap with delicate solid shapes. This contrast creates a synthesis for which there is no single interpretation. He utilises influences reaching from visual subcultures, everyday imagery and more broadly from the tradition of painting and art history. The titles do not describe the painting but they bring an extra meaning to it, which is often funny and ironic and sometimes poetic.

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